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ecocy consulting was founded in 2008 by Laurent Granier to respond to organizations that seek integrated policy solutions and innovative legal tools for social and biological diversity management.

Laurent Granier, Master and Magistère in environmental law, worked for French agriculture research, the UK's Ministry of the Environment, legal firms and FAO-Rome before joining UNEP-Nairobi and IUCN-Dakar where he managed environmental law & policy programs in Africa for over 6 years. He founded ecocy in 2008 and since then provided legal and policy solutions in about 20 countries.

Laurent is a Member of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and IUCN Commission on Environmental Law. Ecocy is involved in networks and partnerships to propose flexible and innovative solutions. We are a partner to Ecojust, a consultancy specialized in issues concerning the enforcement of international wildlife law.

Please get in touch with us for full references and information:

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Clients: UNEP, IUCN, Conservation International, UNESCO, European Union, DFS, GOPA, NIRAS and Governments & Companies around the world.