Biodiversity Law and Governance

Ecocy think that the future is integrative, with biodiversity law and policy better responding to planning and housing rules, decentralisation, health, agriculture, water or industrial standards ...and to Communities rights.

Innovating approach

ecocy is a biodiversity law and policy consultancy assisting organizations and projects in that want to shape rules that are scientifically accurate, socially acceptable and applicable practically, in accordance with the best international standards and practices.
ecocy work beyond boundaries to (re)create the dialogue between legal fields, together with and vis à vis the supporting socio-ecological systems, to help managers who take action on the ground.

Integrated solutions

Our core job is the drafting of biodiversity laws and regulations. We also prepare natural resources management plans and agreements, contracts and bylaws, international and transboundary management protocols, local charters, as well as programs and strategies for environmental organisations and companies.
By building on our pluridisciplinary and local networks of experts, we seek to develop truly innovative law and policy solutions, such as integrated socio-legal diagnostics, ecosystem services evaluation and decision-making tools, environmental law mapping & GIS, stakeholders' consultations, public-private arrangements and environmental law communication.



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