Biodiversity law and policy that works

ecocy design legal solutions and management tools for governments, local governments, non-governamental organizations and projects who think globally but want to impact locally.


Your legislation on protected areas is no longer responsive to local communities' rights or ecotourism opportunities? Your organization wants to deploy a series of activities on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, or simply on a project by project basis? Need to prepare a transboundary agreement, a management plan for a national park, a community forest, a mechanism for the payment of ecosystem services or launch a network of marine reserves? 

ecocy can assist with your project and evaluate your options, based on your constraints and in line with the best international standards.


• Biodiversity law and policy drafting (protected areas, species, forests, REDD, marine and costal integrated management, sustainable use of resources, best use of ecosystems services, access to genetic resources and benefit sharing, etc.)

• Preparation, assessment and evaluation of biodiversity projects, plans and programs

• Shaping of local management tools and bylaws (management plans, voluntary agreements, contracts, communities bylaws, etc.)

• Assistance in preparing and negotiating biodiversity-related transboundary and multilateral agreements

• Environmental law & pluridisciplinary research

• Stategies and plans for local governments

• Valorization of companies' biodiversity assets

Impact & Innovate

Your goal is to be effective in the long term and to have a tangible impact on the ground, ours is to bring you there with our range of innovative solutions.

• Follow-up & monitoring of your activities

• Communication in biodiversity law & policy

• GIS and mapping applied to environmental law

• Best practices in stakeholders' participation

• Legal integration of economic tools for evaluation, decision-making and adaptive management